Seats for Deities

Exhibited at The Rowley Gallery, London, UK - March 2023

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These elongated sculptures follow the theme of building a raised platform for sitting: two legs supporting a seat - an abstraction of and inspired by my work and development of traditional Japanese stools.

Striving for simplicity and pure aesthetics, each one is made from a single piece of timber, avoiding the need for joining. As no actual weight will be applied, balance was found in their legs being able to carry their ‘seats’. 

In addition, extending the legs disproportionately lends them character and gravitas, unrestrained by the practical considerations that need to be kept to when making stools for mortals. The structural freedom allows them to elegantly stand, or rest against a wall, and balance their own weight.

Differences in seat size and the natural variations found in the woods used, from dense oaks to light kiri, create a nuanced counterplay. To this end, no varnishes or waxes were used and, where necessary, the legs' curvatures follow the grain to maintain strength - offering a resting place for Deities.